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Alfold Neighbourhood Plan


The Parish Council has decided to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. This will be a long process and the parish council will be consulting with all residents at every step —this will be your plan and your involvement will be crucial to its success. We are currently at the first stage in the process, having just applied to Waverley Borough Council for the proposed Neighbourhood Plan Area to be designated. The Neighbourhood Plan Area is proposed to be the whole Parish Area excluding Dunsfold Park. Waverley is holding a 6-week consultation on the application and will then discuss it at its Executive meeting on 3rd June.


The following information is from the Neighbourhood Planning page of Waverley’s website. Further information can also be found by going to


An adopted neighbourhood plan will form part of Waverley's statutory Local Plan against which all planning applications and development proposals will be decided. A neighbourhood plan could include neighbourhood development orders and community right to build orders.

A neighbourhood plan could be used to:

· choose where new homes, shops and offices should be built

· have a say on what those new buildings should look like

· influence the design and functionality of open spaces around where you live

· grant planning permission for the new buildings your community wants to see go ahead.

Neighbourhood planning cannot be used to prevent the building of the homes and businesses required to meet Waverley's current and future needs (as set out in the Local Plan). The neighbourhood plan can be used to influence the type, design, location and mix of new development.




Meeting notes from the meeting  held on 11th April in Alfold Village Hall, which was a follow-up of previous meetings chaired by Anne Milton to address the issue of SEWAGE flooding, are now available on the Minutes page under the Parish Council tab. The next meeting will be held at 12.45pm on Friday 27th  in Alfold Village Hall.


Following the last meeting, the parish council met with Surrey CC and Waverley to discuss ditches and surface water drainage. The notes and action points from that meeting can by downloaded by clicking here.


Please be aware that the Parish Council does not have the responsibility to clear ditches or the power to force landowners to do so; all the parish council can do is put pressure on landowners to act responsibly. It is also important that anyone who has been affected by flooding completes and submits a ’Sewer Flooding Questionnaire’ to Thames Water. A copy of this questionnaire can be downloaded by clicking here.  This form is accompanied by a letter from Anne Milton which can be downloaded by clicking here.


In addition, the Parish Council has received requests from the Environment Agency and Surrey County Council asking that residents supply them with details of the recent flooding, including photographs if you have them, to and



The Parish Council has received the following message via Waverley BC from Thames Water:


As you will be aware, recent heavy rain has led to wide-scale flooding across the Thames Water region.  We are working closely with the emergency services, health services, local authorities, and other the utility companies, as a multi-agency resilience team to ensure a coordinated and effective response.

In many areas, floodwater is entering our sewer network and in some cases overloading our pipes and sewage pumping stations. Although these are designed to take wastewater from homes and businesses, they’re not built to take storm or river water. This is putting our sewer pipe network under considerable. We are doing everything we can to protect our assets from flooding and maintain ‘normal’ services wherever possible. 

With more rain predicted over the coming days, please be assured we are preparing for further flooding by bringing in extra staff to help respond to customer emergencies. Further advice and information can be found on our website and the Environment Agency’s website or via their Floodline 0845 988 1188.

Hilary Murgatroyd

Local Regional Government Liaison



Flood Prevention—Riparian Ownership.


It is vital that all watercourses are kept clear to prevent flooding and the Parish Council tries to ensure that the risk of flooding is minimised…  HOWEVER, anyone who has a watercourse within or adjacent to the boundaries of their property is a “riparian owner”.


Riparian Owner Responsibilities

As a riparian owner your responsibilities include the maintenance of the bank and bed of your section of watercourse, in order to avoid any obstruction of flow in the watercourse.

Where the watercourse runs solely through your property you are responsible for both banks and the bed of the watercourse. 

Where a water course is sited between two or more property boundaries each owner may be equally responsible.

Watercourse Diagram


Riparian Owners and the Law

Your responsibilities as a riparian owner are based on legislation.  The principal legislation is summarised below:

· The Public Health Act 1936

· The Land Drainage Acts of 1991 & 1994

· Water Resources Act 1991

· National Rivers Authority (now the Environment Agency) Land Drainage Byelaws 1981

Flooding and Water Management Act 2010

The most common problems affecting watercourses are:

· Failing to keep vegetation growth under control

· Failing to obtain consent for installing pipes or “culverting” of a watercourse.  If you want to put in a pipe or culvert you must obtain permission from Surrey County Council first!

Disposal or storage of garden or domestic rubbish, waste etc. on the banks of watercourses






Also see the Environment Agency website:





Planning Application for change of use to B8 (storage and distribution), unit 133 at Dunsfold Park. The Parish Council’s letter of response to Waverley can be found on the following link: WBC re WA/2013/1769


Planning Application for 104 Houses on Land West of Sweeters Copse, Loxwood Road. This planning application has been withdrawn.


The Post Office. Alfold Residents… You’ve lost your pub, but there’s still time to save your Post Office!!

Residents of Alfold will be very familiar with the small sub post office that has stood in Joyce King’s shop on Loxwood Road for over 40 years. On 13th June, Bob Terry, the sub postmaster, retired. The Post Office was not planning to replace Bob but instead to provide a hosted service for two hours twice a week. Thanks to intervention by the Parish Council and with help from Waverley, the Post Office has agreed to appoint a new sub postmaster, who will be in charge on a temporary basis for 6 months. The post office will continue to be open from 9 am – 1 pm, from Monday – Friday, and Saturday 9 -12.30 pm over the next six months.

Unless use of the Alfold Post Office increases over the next 6 months, it is likely that the service will be reduced to two 2-hour sessions per week.

Alfold residents are therefore encouraged to make good use of their post office and all the facilities available – don’t forget that as well as posting parcels and mail inland and abroad, you can do your personal banking if you bank with Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Natwest, HSBC and many other banks, order moneygrams and postal orders, use Bureau de Change (by pre-order), do mobile top ups, bill payment and key charging.

The survival of the shop and post office, which is at the heart of our rural community, is critical, especially to the elderly and those who find it difficult to travel or use the internet. The new post master is Tracey Cawdell; she will be bringing a host of fresh ideas to the post office and will help breathe new life into the shop - please give Tracey a warm welcome and make full use of the Post Office during the next six months.


Don’t forget…..

eBayers – you can drop off your parcels at the shop on your way to work in the morning before the Post Office opens. For those who are out at work all day, you can arrange for your parcels to be sent to the shop for you to collect at a convenient time.


Housing Needs Survey. The Parish Council has been contacted by a number of concerned residents about a survey currently being distributed that is asking for residents’ opinions about a potential new housing development in Alfold. The Parish Council is not associated with this survey in any way. Surrey Community Action carried out a Housing Needs Survey for Alfold just before Christmas. The results of the survey can be viewed by clicking on the following link. Click here to see the results of the survey.

Neighbourhood Watch. Alfold Parish Council is working with the local Neighbourhood Police to try and get Neighbourhood Watch up and running again in Alfold. Could you be a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator? This isn’t the onerous task it used to be and involves passing on information to close neighbours, mostly via email. To volunteer or find out more, please contact Beverley Weddell on 01483 200314 or email Alternatively, please speak to Nigel Budd at Alfold Mowers or email

Dunsfold Park. In order to clarify the present situation at Dunsfold Park, Waverley Planning Officers have recently provided a new online form, which should used to report specific breaches of planning and noise complaints concerning Dunsfold Park. The form can be found by clicking on the following link:



       The following link will take you to the new Dunsfold Park pages on Waverley’s website, which explain the current planning situation.



       Councillor Mary Foryszewski has also urged residents to contact her if they have specific concerns or complaints regarding activities at Dunsfold Park so that she can address them with Waverley Borough Council. Her email address is and her telephone number is 01483 273020.

Potholes. We urge all residents to report potholes via the Surrey County Council website on the following link or telephone 0300 200 1003.