Here, we're trying to collect information about Alfold's history. If you've got any interesting pictures or stories about Alfold please send them in and we'll add them to the site.

Also if you've got some old photographs but don't know who the people are then either let us have a copy of the picture (or we can scan it for you) and we'll put it on the site and ask if anyone else knows.


Do you know where this is?


                                                       Please email Beverley at                                               if                                                        you can identify where this is.














Memoires during The War

We've recently received memoires of Mrs Ponsford, the wife of Alfold's village Policeman during the war including pictures. Please click the link to read this interesting account, with thanks to Marion and Stuart Ponsford.

  They also sent this picture and asked if anyone knows the couple on the left ?

Pictures from the past.....

Alfold Coach Trip

Does anyone know when this was taken outside the Three Compasses ? Three Compasses at Alfold

Alfold Village

Alfold original stores

Did you know....

Alfold used to have a brass band and a laundry. Do you have any more details ?

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